Fall TV Line-Up

As fall approaches, the tv seasons are finally ’bout to start up again. Not having all the time in the week to catch up with every single show out there (or the interest in absolutely everything), I’ve got my list just like everyone else. So here’s my “must-see” list:

Sleepy Hollow: Returning for a sophomore season, we’ll finally get the chance to see what happened to Abbie after last season’s finale. Season 1 of this show was a surprising joy to watch. For those not in the know, Sleepy Hollow follows the end of days story of Revelations from the Christian Bible. Okay, not a new concept there (and part of my early hesitation). It’s got the Masons and conspiracies–also not new. A man waking up from the past in the future. Again, so not new. But what really makes this show is fitting all those overused pieces into a new puzzle. You’ve got characters of color in abundance, you’ve got an almost X-Files feel to the way Lt. Abbie Mills and Ichabod Crane are going through the Apocalypse, and to top all of that off, every member of the cast gives a great performance. As partners, Abbie and Ichabod work in perfect tandem and each has their strengths and weaknesses. Their friendship and working relationship are clearly based on a level of respect. The seriousness and attitude of the setting and the believability of the characters make what could’ve been a trite piece of trash into a spell-binding journey. Sleepy Hollow Season 2 premieres September 22nd.

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Also on return for a sophomore season! What’s amazing about Agents of SHIELD is how it’s worked into the same Marvel tapestry as the recent movie blitz. Last season saw both mentions of Thor 2 and The Winter Soldier. Hell, you know anything about Winter Soldier and you know that Agents had to deal with it. Honestly, I blame the movie with why Season 1 wound up dragging in some places. Agents had to stall time until the movie had come out. Now, for season 2, Coulson’s been charged with rebuilding SHIELD and considering all the fallout of Winter Soldier, we’re bound to see more and more consequences of that as well as the ramifications of what happened at the end of last season. I’ll admit I’m a Whedonverse junkie, but things are going to get morally gray this season and I can’t wait. Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 2 premieres September 23rd. 

Arrow: You have to admire a show that has twenty-three episodes in a season and yet not a single one of them could be labeled filler. Also, Arrow has almost equal numbers men and women in the cast. In the last two seasons, the plots have peaked into a brilliant finale where the heroes often lose–yet without the feeling that the heroes failed to live up to their potential and without cheapening anything that’s happened through the course of the season. Season 3 premieres October 8th.

Flash: A spin-off of Arrow, I’m mildly curious to see if the CW can manage to produce two interesting shows or if Arrow was a complete fluke on their part. Flash premieres October 7th.

Revenge: I’ve got a thing for bad dramas. I used to watch Desperate Housewives for a couple years too. There’s something about the show being so far outside the realm of logic that I find attractive. It’s a complete escape from reality, but at least some of the cast is pretty hot. Revenge Season 4 premieres September 28th.

Scandal: Much the same line as Revenge, though with more characters of color and the levels of espionage and conspiracies delving into the back rooms of Washington, D.C. rather than the Hamptons. Scandal features better dialogue though and more interesting performances. Scandal Season 4 premieres September 25th.

The Walking Dead: The complexity of morals when the world’s gone to hell is definitely one of the main themes of the show. While Walkers present a huge threat, by this point in the series they’ve become background noise to the constant interpersonal problems. The show also has fantastic scenery every time and the cinematographers and directors have used the settings to their advantage in their story telling. The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres October 12th.

Constantine: Super powers or supernatural seems to be the theme of this list if you haven’t realized that yet. I picked up a couple of the early comics at the beginning of last spring and was thrilled to see that the show’s coming up this fall. Hopefully, the show’s as gritty as the trailer seems to promise. I’m interested in seeing how this translates to the small screen (and if maybe they might eventually come around to their senses about the character’s sexuality.) Constantine premieres October 24th.

Castle: For the first time in forever, I’ve actually caught up to the plot of Castle. I’ve got a long blog post, Heat vs. Storm, that explains what I adore about the show, so I’m not going to repeat all the reasons here, but do you need a better reason than watching Nathan Fillion and company being awesome? Season 7 premieres September 29th. 

Supernatural: I literally only watch this show with my friends in order to be able to bitch about it with them. Last season was beyond a disappointment and I expect that they’ll fall even flatter on their face this season when the episodes have to do with anything other than straight white men—assuming they even bother having characters that fit a different profile. If they do, I’m sure they’ll get murdered by the end of the episode. Very few characters seem to survive, unless you’re Sam, Dean, Castiel, or Crowley–the only season regulars yet again. I won’t even bother catching up on episodes I wind up missing, ’cause I doubt they’ll even go anywhere interesting, even if they have made Dean a demon. Season 10 premieres October 7th.